The Future of Tsunamis

Predicting what the future of tsunamis will look like can be difficult. Thankfully, trends in the past can give us a glimpse of what things will look like in the coming years. What is obvious is that there will continue to be a dynamic relationship between tsunamis and humans. Like we did with the 1908 Messina Tsunami, we will continue to redefine what a tsunami means. We will also continue to be affected both physically and emotionally by tsunamis like we were during the 2004 Sumatra tsunami. Lastly,¬†our actions have the potential to create tsunamis or at the least make tsunamis much worse than they are, just as the 2011 tsunami was largely made worse by anthropogenic climate change. Again, we can’t predict the specifics of future tsunamis but we can prepare ourselves for oncoming disasters by studying the effects that they took in the past.

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